Buying Guide - Purchase of a property in Turkey

1. General

Foreigners as private persons who have no Turkish citizenship:
a. Are able to purchase a property in Turkey.
b. Can purchase properties such as apartments and houses in development areas.
c. Cannot purchase properties more than 30.000 sq. m in Turkey.
d. Cannot purchase properties in military zones.
f. Can purchase land and farmland without having any construction on it, but have to submit a project which they will construct on the property to the relevant Ministry within 2 years.
g. Can purchase maximum 10 % property of the total surface area of the district/town.

2. Purchase of a property
A written and signed contract doesn’t officially mean that you have purchased a property.
The official buying procedures have to be realized at the registry of deeds (Turkish: Tapu Dairesi).

To be an official owner, all parties (buyer and seller) have to be present to sign at the land registry.
This can be realized also with a power of attorney in Turkish certified at the Turkish notary, embassy or consulate.
A power of attorney certified by a notary in a foreign country in a foreign language (not Turkish) have to be with an apostille stamp.
A power of attorney with an apostille stamp is worldwide valid.

The buyer will sign at the land registry with the participation from a sworn translator.
The sworn testimony is a protection in Turkey to foreigners to let understand for what they are signing for.

With finishing the above mentioned procedures all parties will sign in the book of the registry of deeds.
The new owners will receive a title register certificate (Turkish: Tapu).

3. Which paperwork is required at signing at the registry of deeds?

1 - Turkish tax number
A Turkish tax number can be taken with the original passport at the tax office.
The tax office will ask also for a copy of the passport with full address, mother and father name and telephone number on it.

2 – Pass Photos
Two recent pass photos from the buyer.
One will come on the title register certificate and one in the book of the registry of deeds.

3 – Original Passport
The original passport is required which will be returned after signing in the book of the registry of deeds.

What are the costs at the registry of deeds?

a.) 4 % from the value declared at the registry of deeds
b.) Fees and sworn translator costs

How many days takes the transfer of a deed?
This is changeable and depends on the region in Turkey.
That means this can take 3 days up to 3 month.
Example: Alanya max. 3 days but Istanbul max. 3 months.